Exemplary teamwork

Show what you can do! Be yourself! Be part of the team!

Three sentences and three exclamation marks which sum up our corporate culture in a nutshell. Every single UNGER employee is equipped with the skills to be a true professional in his or her field. And if you need support or want to talk, we are all here for each other. “Job titles aren’t a big thing here, it's the teamwork that counts.”

Teamwork is not just an empty phrase, but the expression of a company with personality, within which everyone is free to develop and unleash their creativity. A freedom that all our employees also grant to their colleagues, in the awareness that we inspire and motivate each other and benefit from each other. So it is not surprising that we also laugh a lot together, because for us, work also means pleasure.

Multicultural corporate culture

Open doors, open minds and sometimes open air

If you are looking for trusting, constructive collaboration based on social values, you are literally preaching to the choir at Unger. Our Open Door policy goes hand-in-hand with approachable people who pursue their work in an open-minded manner.

The UNGER corporate culture

  • Jochen Wagener

    "The enthusiasm for our products that I feel here every day releases precisely the positive energy we need to create the high level of brand identification, both internally and externally, which inevitably leads to success."

    Jochen Wagener Vice President Global Window Category Management
  • Frank Bünger

    "I think the international working environment here at UNGER is great. We work intensively with our colleagues from Europe, Asia and especially the USA."

    Frank Bünger Director Human Resources

UNGER management

Who really leads this leading brand?

All of our employees in every area of the company play a significant role in the UNGER brand’s success. This is also due to the company’s flat hierarchies and how the self-image of UNGER’s managers comes into play. Namely, taking responsibility for leadership and turning the strengths of individual employees into the brand’s collective strength.

The UNGER management team

UNGER Location

From the Bergisches Land to the EU, USA and Asia

You might not initially think that Bergisches Land is the centre of the world, but it is for UNGER. From our base in Solingen we operate internationally and multiculturally with real location advantages.

UNGER Location