Cleaning products for glass cleaning

The UNGER´s Liquid glass cleaning concentrate enables streak-free results for professional window cleaning. In combination with the UNGER washers and window squeegees, best results can be achieved in an ergonomic cleaning process. The use of window squeegees and washers is accompanied by UNGER cleaning cloths, which help to remove residual water.

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Window Cleaning Accessories

With the right accessories for professional glass cleaning, cleaning work can be carried out even faster, more effectively and more ergonomically. During the cleaning process, the glass cleaning accessories used, such as window squeegees, can be attached to the UNGER belt to ensure a smooth workflow. Smaller utensils can also be stored in one of the UNGER bags. For the professional glass and building cleaner, fast and effective use of the cleaning tool is particularly important when cleaning glass. The UNGER window squeegees are therefore equipped with particularly light and ergonomic handles, so that the workflow for the glass and building cleaner is greatly simplified. With special locking mechanisms, the squeegee rubber and channel of the window squeegee can be quickly replaced. For professional glass and building cleaners, UNGER's high-quality cleaning tools enable effective, fast and healthy cleaning.

Accessories for glass cleaning

For an effective glass cleaning UNGER offers accessories which ensure a simplified and safer workflow for the cleaning staff. Cleaning system accessories such as angle adapters and extendable pole systems allow the individual adaptation of the cleaning system for an ergonomic workflow. Further accessories for glass cleaning such as tool holders, buckets and gloves are adapted to all challenges of glass and building cleaners by years of experience from UNGER. Cleaning tools, detergents and cloths for professional window cleaning can be stored in the practical belts and bags.