Green Label squeegee rubber and window squeegee from UNGER

Solingen | 25.10.2023

Sustainably certified tools for classic glass cleaning

The professional glass and building cleaning industry is becoming increasingly aware of its enormous responsibility and is looking for solutions that protect our resources and preserve our planet for the next generation - but that make no compromises whatsoever when it comes to quality and performance. The professional brand UNGER is putting an end to this search with two sustainably certified new products for traditional glass cleaning: The Green Label squeegee rubber and the Green Label window squeegee make the world a greener place, set new standards for a sustainable future and are recognizable at first glance: through the striking green-blue color design of the window squeegee, commercial cleaners show that they take responsibility - for themselves and for others.

The Green Label squeegee rubber - 100 percent sustainably certified

The new Green Label squeegee rubber is made proportionately from FSC-certified natural rubber and is of the highest quality. The FSC certificate certifies that the material is harvested according to strict ecological and social principles and comes from more sustainable forestry. Green Label squeegee rubber glides quickly, easily and efficiently over glass surfaces. It cleans streak-free and thoroughly, thanks to its sharp edges, and at any time of year and in almost any temperature, thanks to its medium shore hardness. The Green Label squeegee rubber from UNGER is available in widths of 25, 35, 45, 55 and 106 centimeters.

Highest quality: The Green Label window squeegee makes no compromises

The Green Label window squeegee is the world's first tool for traditional window cleaning that is sustainably certified - the handle and the S-channel by the "C2C Certified Material Health Certificate™ Silver", the squeegee rubber by the FSC. The C2C Certified Material Health Certificate™ Silver certificate recognizes production that is both health and environmentally friendly and sustainable. Its ergonomic handle consists of two components and is equipped with an S-channel made of robust stainless steel and the optimized S-spring - for easy changing of squeegee rubber and channel. The Green Label window squeegee is equipped with the FSC-certified Green Label squeegee rubber. In combination with a telescopic pole, the new Green Label window squeegee locks firmly onto the ErgoTec safety cone so that there is no twisting or falling.

With the launch of the Green Label window squeegee and the Green Label squeegee rubber, UNGER is underlining its high standards and those of its customers. UNGER is not only taking a significant step towards sustainable cleaning solutions, but also signaling the beginning of an exciting journey. These are the first two products in a complete range that will be considered the industry's first sustainably certified cleaning tool set for professional window cleaning. More innovative and environmentally friendly product launches will follow.

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