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"The eye eats with you" - a well-known proverb. Numerous studies have shown that visual stimuli have an influence on taste that should not be underestimated. And this despite the fact that the senses of taste, smell and vision are very pronounced. For restaurant and catering establishments, this means that cleaning is crucial not only for the health standards of your business, but also for the overall experience of the guests who support your restaurant.

Strict cleaning in the catering trade is a must for all kitchens and restaurants. Bacteria and germs can develop through the production and work with food, which can spread through an insufficient or even missing cleaning process. Thus become a considerable danger for the guest and therefore also for the reputation of your facility. Impurities such as incrustations, old fat or limescale residue can become a bacterial source if irregular cleaning takes place. This is also extremely crucial for cleaning in the kitchen . With UNGER cleaning tools such impurities can be removed quickly and effectively and thus meet the strict hygiene standards. With more than 50 years of experience, UNGER develops products in constant exchange with its users, resulting in cleaning systems that not only meet the high hygiene requirements, but also make the working methods of the cleaning personnel even more effective, efficient and ergonomic. Discover UNGER products for professional cleaning in the catering trade.

Your challenges:

  • Customer and visitor satisfaction
  • Operational efficiency
  • Safety and responsibility

Cleaning services in catering cleaning

With its professional cleaning solutions, UNGER offers products for the various cleaning areas in the catering trade. The maintenance of cleanliness and hygiene in gastronomy is not only important back-of-house but also front-of-house. UNGER offers the right cleaning tool for every application and every surface.

Your challenges:

Cleaning solutions in gastronomy with UNGER

The right product for every application. The ergonomic and intuitive design of the cleaning tools makes cleaning particularly employee-friendly and effective. The optimal cleaning result is achieved even faster. Thanks to the integrated spray systems in the UNGER cleaning tools, cleaning detergents and water can be used even more efficiently, thus saving costs. Find out more.

Advantages of UNGER products in gastronomy

  • Ready-to-Go Products
  • Minimal training requirements thanks to intuitive designs
  • Effective cleaning results with minimum use of water and chemicals
  • Excellent cleaning systems that meet the highest hygiene standards

Hygiene regulations in the kitchen

The dynamic and fast-paced atmosphere in your kitchen, combined with the food and drinks to be prepared, creates risks for safety on the floor. If food residues, liquids and fats accumulate on the floor, the conditions are right to increase the risk of slipping accidents. In addition, cleaning for cleaning staff in catering establishments is linked to compliance with strict hygiene regulations. Whether in canteens, restaurants or snack bars, where food comes into contact with surfaces, these are sterile and the floor surfaces must be kept clean. In order to comply with these regulations of food law and food hygiene, the HACCP concept (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) must be implemented through cleaning. With UNGER cleaning solutions for waste disposal, cleaning of floor and surfaces, these requirements can be met with maximum effectiveness. In addition, the risk of your employees being injured by the floor is minimised. The innovative UNGER microfibre floor cleaning system.

Gastronomy cleaning with the right cleaning products

UNGER cleaning systems and tools for cleaning floor surfaces, surfaces or for removing dirt from glass surfaces.

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