erGO! clean floor cleaning system

erGO! clean floor cleaning system

erGO! clean floor cleaning system from UNGER

All UNGER cleaning products are designed to be effective, ergonomic and thorough. The ultra-fast erGO! clean floor cleaning system saves time and energy.

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erGO! clean reduces physical strain

UNGER erGO! clean is available with both a straight and ergonomic telescopic handle. For the S-movement, the cleaning operation requires almost no effort - this reduces the strain on shoulders, arms and wrists. Because the telescopic handle of the UNGER erGO! clean floor cleaning system can be adapted exactly to the height of the operator, the back is protected and cleaning work is made easier.

40% of all employees in the cleaning industry suffer from back and neck pain. With the erGO! clean, downtimes can be reduced. Confirmed by the AGR seal of approval - awarded by an interdisciplinary committee of doctors, therapists and experts for occupational health care.

76% more area performance when cleaning floors with erGO! clean

Achieving perfectly clean results in the shortest possible time - cleaning personnel are increasingly exposed to this pressure. With the erGO! clean floor cleaning system from UNGER, building cleaners clean faster, more ergonomically and more efficiently than ever before. The daily area performance is increased by up to 76%. According to expert reports, this leaves around 34.5 minutes more time for quality-enhancing measures on an eight-hour working day. This is proven by the independent report of the consulting and training company sarikohn.