Accessories for pure water cleaning systems

While pure water filters, water-fed nLite poles, water-fed brushes and angle adapters are the core elements of the UNGER pure water cleaning system, the right accessories are also part of an efficient cleaning system.

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Accessories for HydroPower RO

Remember to protect your UNGER HydroPower RO filter during a long periods when not being used. UNGER Membrane Care helps maintain the value and performance of your UNGER HydroPower RO filter.

Accessories for the nLite Pole System

The nLite pole system from UNGER can be supplemented by further products. The ultimate water flow controller HiFlo Control can be quickly attached to any pole with a diameter of 20 to 70mm and allows full control of the water flow in the hose. Gloves can also be purchased to work with nLite poles for better grip.