Microfibre mops & mop holders

Microfibre mops & mop holders

Flatmops from UNGER

For the wet mopping of floors, UNGER offers microfibre flat mops in the floor cleaning sector. The different versions of the flat mops provide effective solutions for every cleaning task.

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Floor cleaning with flatmops from UNGER

With its flat mops, UNGER provides the answer to the question of the correct floor cleaning of different surfaces. Thanks to the mop variations, the right mop can be found for every application. The UNGER microfibre flat mops clean with less water and less chemicals. Compared to traditional mops, bacterial contamination is reduced by 96%.

Flatmops accessories

Once the right flat mop has been found for the application, various accessories can additionally support the cleaning work. From floor wipers and floor scrapers to double buckets, UNGER supplies the right flat mop accessories to make everyday work even more efficient.