ErgoTec Ninja

ErgoTec Ninja

ErgoTec Ninja Glass Cleaning System

The glass cleaning system ErgoTec Ninja from UNGER combines flexible and efficient working in one product line. The ErgoTec Ninja window squeegee enables the cleaning of large glass surfaces due to its length of up to 1m, and this particularly ergonomic and quick. The range has many functions for professionals in window cleaning. Angled handles make pole work easier. Smart end clips allow the squeegee rubber to be held and tensioned to clean the glass surface.

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Window squeegees, washers and microfibre cloths

The ErgoTec Ninja System is one of the most innovative glass cleaning systems in professional building cleaning. The window squeegee can be used in combination with washers and cloths so that the glass cleaning process is perfectly coordinated. The Bucket-On-A-Belt of the ErgoTec Ninja System is used to store the cleaning tools so that they are ready to use during window cleaning.

Professional window cleaning tools from UNGER

The ErgoTec Ninja window cleaning system results from the experience and cooperation of UNGER with professional glass cleaners. The ErgoTec Ninja System combines all aspects for a fast, effective and ergonomic cleaning performance to make the work of the glass cleaners even more effective. Telescopic poles, washers and window squeegees function at UNGER as a safe system through the ErgoTec safety cone. This ensures stability and safety during glass cleaning with telescopic poles.