Everything under control when it comes to quality

Our research & development examines state-of-the-art materials under laboratory and workshop conditions for their features, behaviour and usability, subjects technological innovations to meaningful stress and long-term tests and simulates practical situations. All to guarantee the highest level of quality and application safety, as our customers expect and are used to from us.

By the way: Product testing and final quality controls are completed as standard at UNGER before we ship our high-quality cleaning tools around the world. To over 90 countries, to be exact, where they are highly valued and intensively used. In the name of immaculate cleanliness and exemplary efficiency.


Repeatedly recognised for: Design, ergonomics, marketing

The satisfaction of our customers is, of course, the best and most important compliment we can receive. But we are also delighted when our products are recognised by expert juries at renowned awards ceremonies. Here is a selection of some of the awards that UNGER has proudly received in recent years.


  • 2011 – Purus Award bei der CMS Berlin


  • 2012 – Innovation Award at the ISSA Las Vegas
  • 2013 – Innovation Award at the Cleaning Show London


  • 2015 - Innovation Award at the Cleaning Show London

UNGER Stingray indoor cleaning system

  • 2017 – Red Dot Design Award in the “Product Design” category
  • 2017 – First prize in the “Trophées de l’Innovation” at the Europropre trade fair in Paris
  • 2017 – “Innovation Award” at the Cleaning Show London
  • 2016 – “Innovation Award” in the “Supplies and Accessories” category at the international ISSA Show North America cleaning trade fair

UNGER erGO! clean floor cleaning system

  • 2022 – “PLUS X Award” special award for “Best Product of 2022”
  • 2021 – “Plus X Awards” in the “High Quality”, “User Comfort”, “Functionality” and “Ergonomics” categories
  • 2019 – “Ergonomics Award” from the ECN Ergonomie Kompetenz-Netzwerk e.V. in the “Hand-Operated Products” category
  • 2018 – “INCLEAN Innovation Award” in the “Janitorial” category at the ISSA Cleaning & Hygiene Expo in Sydney
  • 2018 – “Innovation Award” in the “Supplies and Accessories” category at the international ISSA North America cleaning trade fair