What drives UNGER: Improving the world of commercial cleaners

When Henry Unger founded the company almost 60 years ago in 1964, he had a clear goal in mind: to improve noticeably the lives of people who work as commercial cleaners. In other words, the lives of countless people who do an honest day’s work, day in, day out.

Henry Unger was one of them and, thanks to his practical experience, he knew exactly which tools cleaning professionals needed to make their work easier, more efficient and safer. And so he began to design and make suitable professional equipment, step by step.


It is precisely this alert, open spirit of innovation and hands-on mentality that still characterise the UNGER company today, along with the know-how provided by its founder. Not forgetting the great enthusiasm for our products, which is shared by all UNGER employees. High identification and motivation are essential factors of UNGER’s success.

With this wide range of skills, we have developed into the world’s leading manufacturer of professional cleaning tools. And as such, we are a reliable, firmly established partner for cleaning professionals who trust our vision and foresight. This is proven not least by the fact that we have achieved global success with our solutions throughout Europe, America and Asia.