UNGER RO Water Filter: Effective and Economical

Solingen | 01.02.2021

Cleaning with pure water with minimum effort

With the HydroPower RO S, the cleaning specialist UNGER, brings the entry-level model of mobile RO water filter systems onto the market. This compact cleaning device scores with its effectiveness and economy.

With the HydroPower RO S, UNGER closes a gap in the range of reverse osmosis filter systems and completes the lower end of the range. The new, handy model supplies 200 litres of pure water per hour for the residue-free cleaning of windows and facades. The investment and the operating costs are extremely low. The HydroPower RO S demonstrates its full power especially in areas with hard water. The practical Boost function is available for extremely dirty surfaces. With up to 1,000 litres of water per hour, dirt is simply washed away, even in places that are difficult to reach with the brush.

UNGER also uses the proven RO technology for its new water filter system.

Tap water is 100 percent purified during a three-stage filtering process. The combination pre-filter removes the finest particles and chlorine. Dissolved minerals are removed with a Premium RO membrane. The last remaining minerals are filtered out of the water by the DI filter. The result: 100 percent pure water for perfect, streak-free cleaning.

The HydroPower RO S can be easily transported. Thanks to its compact dimensions and high quality workmanship, it fits easily into the boot of a car. Operation is simple and safe. This makes the HydroPower RO S the perfect mobile filter system for newcomers in cleaning with pure water, especially in areas with hard water.

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