Pure water cleaning: Which pure water filter you should use

Cold, clear water: the triathlon of traditional window cleaning starts with washing. Followed by rinsing and polishing the surface. Pure water cleaning is much easier, faster and requires absolutely no chemicals.

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Window cleaning with pure water – the best way to clean windows without streaks

Take your business to the next level – use the pure power of water!

Window cleaning with pure water provides pure, streak-free results and offers both ecological and economic advantages over conventional cleaning. In our cleaning blog we give you real professional tips for cleaning windows with…

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Welcome to the UNGER blog – your cleaning blog for professional glass cleaning

For over 50 years, UNGER has stood for quality, efficiency and innovative strength in professional glass and commercial cleaning. Our distributors and end users benefit from those years of experience, whether it be by means of personal advice or our cleaning products. And since we at UNGER always…

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