Glass interior cleaning

UNGER offers powerful cleaning tools and accessories for cleaning glass inner surfaces. Efficiency and safety are of the highest importance for professional glass and building cleaners when cleaning window interiors. Working with conventional tools is extremely time-consuming, as often office furniture or other objects have to be moved aside first. Even high windows are difficult to clean, usually only with the risky use of ladders. With the revolutionary Stingray, UNGER now offers the most efficient interior cleaning system ever.

Interior cleaning with the new Stingray system from UNGER

With the innovative cleaning system Stingray from UNGER, the daily challenges of professional glass and building cleaners can be solved during interior cleaning - with a perfect combination of efficiency and cleaning result. Cleaning can be done up to 25% faster with 39% less detergent consumption. The intuitive operation minimizes extensive training. Due to the high flexibility, many surfaces can be optimally cleaned!

UNGER window interior cleaning system

Since the interior surfaces of glass are usually not as dirty as the exterior windows exposed to the environment, UNGER's specially designed cleaning systems can be used for interior cleaning. UNGER's Stingray system offers the most efficient solution in the field of glass interior cleaning. The excellent cleaning system enables excellent cleaning results due to its intensive cleaning TriPad with integrated spraying mechanism and can be achieved in a one step process. The modular pole system can be easily and safely extended and thus ensures a safe working enviroment.

Your advantages:

  • 25% faster glass cleaning on hard-to-reach windows
  • 39% less cleaning chemistry
  • Only one cleaning step - no removal on the panes
  • Ergonomic concept to improve working comfort and safety

Clean glass surfaces faster and properly with UNGER cleaning systems and accessories. Read more about our systems.

Classic glass cleaning

In addition to glass interior cleaning, UNGER also offers innovative cleaning systems for classic window cleaning for the everyday work of professional glass and building cleaners. Work safely, quickly and effectively with ergonomic tools. Learn more about modern window cleaning at UNGER.


Cleaning with demineralized water

Pure water cleaning is one of the most efficient methods for streak-free cleaning of glass surfaces. UNGER's pure water cleaning system is one of the most innovative technologies for cleaning glass surfaces. Learn more about the process and the UNGER pure water cleaning system here.

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