Open doors, open minds and sometimes open air

If you are looking for trusting, constructive collaboration based on social values, you are literally preaching to the choir at UNGER. Our Open Door policy goes hand-in-hand with approachable people who pursue their work in an open-minded manner.

Do you have a feel for other cultures and languages? That is practically part of the job description at UNGER, because we are active internationally and are therefore multicultural. Diversity is not a foreign word for us, but a matter of course that makes our “green” UNGER world wonderfully bright.

Our corporate culture is correspondingly welcoming, making it easy for new employees to experience the “we” feeling at first hand and quickly to feel integrated into the UNGER family. Our team-building events, such as boot camps, also contribute to this, as no-one finds them a chore, but rather a relaxed pleasure. Especially in summer, we like to enjoy life after the working day is done, whether it’s by organising a barbecue or enjoying an ice cream together. Sharing breakfast or lunch, sponsorship for small and large employee groups – all this is included in our appreciation of the team.

Oh yes, and because we maintain close relations with our American parent company, we are of course also very open to English. This is because global collaboration and cross-continental exchange are important to us. We are “one company, globally.”