RO-Pure Water Filter

RO-Pure Water Filter

Reverse-osmosis (RO) pure water filter

The UNGER RO pure water filters are the central component of the pure water cleaning system. The filter removes minerals from the water, which gives the water a particularly high cleaning efficiency. After drying, no residues such as lime or water stains remain on the surface. The surface is then clean without streaks.

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Osmosis filter

The pure water filter HydroPower RO works according to the principle of reverse osmosis. The water is pumped through semi-permeable membranes that filter out up to 99% of the minerals. The filtered water is then passed through a deionisation filter in which the remaining minerals are trapped. The result is 100% pure water.

Maximum performance with the UNGER HydroPower RO

The new HydroPower RO extends UNGER’s tried-and-tested HydroPower filter system product line. With a pure water performance capacity of up to 400 liters per hour, the compact and mobile filter system is a powerful device. It can also be used by up to three people at the same time. In addition to its remarkable performance capacity, the HydroPower RO particularly impresses with its user-friendliness. The compact, robust design and the careful processing of top-class materials also guarantee a long service life.