The VisaVersa Pro from UNGER: Perfect window cleaning in one turn

Solingen | 31.05.2024

UNGER first patented the legendary VisaVersa® 2-in-1 window squeegee in 1989. Now it is launching a new, improved version: the VisaVersa® Pro. Commercial cleaners will love the innovative pad concept, ergonomic handle and new locking clip, all of which help the tool to set new standards in terms of efficiency, convenience and flexibility in classic glass cleaning.

Relaunch of the VisaVersa®: UNGER improves a legendary product

The practical 2-in-1 tool saves time and money by enabling cleaning professionals to combine two work steps, washing and squeegeeing. Forget about wasting time changing from washer to squeegee as this tool combines both: a clear advantage, especially when using a telescopic pole. The new Pro version distinguishes itself from the classic tool thanks to three major improvements:

The previously heavy washer has been replaced with a lightweight microfibre pad. When filled with cleaning fluid, the new 2-in-1 tool is noticeably lighter and easier to handle than its predecessor.
The microfibre pad is also highly absorbent, meaning that the VisaVersa® Pro offers extensive coverage. In addition, the convex pad retains a large contact surface with the glass, which impressively improves its cleaning performance.

UNGER has equipped the VisaVersa® Pro with its ergonomic ErgoTec® XL handle comprised of two components, making it even easier to use as a hand-held tool. Thanks to the handle design, professionals can work for longer periods without tiring and keep a firm grip, even when their hands are wet. To ensure superior performance at height, the VisaVersa® Pro is compatible with all UNGER telescopic poles for classic glass cleaning. Instead of removing the washer and replacing it with the squeegee, simply flip the pole over for perfect cleaning results in an instant. And it’s safer into the bargain!

The VisaVersa® Pro also has an adjustable head. This opens up completely new options for commercial cleaners and enables them to adjust the tool to their individual needs. Now, thanks to the new locking clip, the washer and squeegee can be removed and used separately. In addition, experienced users can simultaneously wash and squeegee windows in a single movement, thus offering sensationally superior ergonomics and making great savings (in terms of both time and costs).

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