Indoor Cleaning System

Indoor Cleaning System

Window interior cleaning system

The UNGER window interior cleaning system and the associated cleaning elements enable the professional glass and building cleaner to quickly clean dirty window and glass interiors. The combination with telescopic poles makes it possible to quickly clean hard-to-reach windows in a single step without using a squeegee on the glass pane.

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Cleaning needs for interior cleaning

Windows are not as dirty from the inside as they are from the outside. Therefore a less intensive cleaning with a microfibre cleaning pad on a pad holder with telescopic poles is sufficient. The UNGER glass cleaning systems are easy and ergonomic to operate, even for inexperienced cleaning personnel. Even hard-to-reach corners of glass surfaces can be cleaned of dust, fingerprints, grease and other impurities with UNGER polishing pads.

UNGER interior cleaning system

With the UNGER microfibre cleaning and polishing pads, light soiling on the window surfaces can be easily removed. Due to the velcro surface of the pad holders, the cleaning pads can be quickly and easily replaced for the different areas of application of glass interior cleaning. Whether with telescopic pole or handle, the UNGER pad holders can be operated easily and ergonomically.