Stingray System

Stingray System

UNGER Stingray System

With the revolutionary Stingray, UNGER offers the most efficient interior cleaning system ever. Up to 25% faster interior glass cleaning and up to 39% less consumption of glass cleaner thanks to UNGER's award-winning Stingray. The intuitive operation minimizes the requirement for training, and due to its easy adaptabilty, many surfaces can be cleaned in only one operation.

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Stingray cleaning TriPad

A precision spray system is embedded in the Stingray Cleaning TriPad. This prevents the cleaning fluid from reaching unwanted places. This eliminates the need for time-consuming reworking. In addition, it reliably protects the user from inhaling the spray mist. Thanks to the flexible joint, the pad can be turned easily, and the premium microfibre fabric with its high dirt intake completely removes all soiling from the surface, residual moisture dries immediately - without streaks. This allows users to clean glass in just one step.

Stingray interior cleaning set

With the Stingray interior cleaning kit from UNGER you can start immediately with the interior cleaning of glass and window surfaces. Depending on the components in the the kit, you can use it to clean at heights of 0 - 5 metres. Each kit contains a Stingray hand tool, Easy-Click handles as well as microfibre cleaning pads, and quality glass cleaner.