New era of pure water cleaning with UNGER nLITE telescopic pole

Solingen | 01.02.2021

The cleaning specialist UNGER, is advancing into the next generation of pure water cleaning with the revolutionary new nLITE system.

The nLITE is based on completely new and ground-breaking telescopic pole technology that enables the more precise, easier and faster cleaning of windows and facades with pure water. Many smart features make nLITE the most advanced telescopic water-fed pole system on the market for cleaning.

UNGER stands for customer-oriented developments and innovative ideas. This is showcased once again with its latest product. The telescopic nLITE master pole measures 8.6 metres, and enables precise and stable work up to the height of the second floor. Depending on the requirements, the master pole can then be extended to a working height of up to 22 metres, or up to the sixth floor using telescopic extension poles. The Precision Grip pole shape is ergonomically adapted so that it fits perfectly in the hand. This guarantees easy handling and precise work. The clamps are also revolutionary. The Smart Lock clamps made of robust 2-C material can be operated with just one finger, and enable the individual pole elements to be locked quickly and safely. The clever, integrated hose management also ensures trouble-free working on buildings.

A milestone for pure water cleaning

nLITE is characterised by light, yet robust materials. With four different carbon materials, UNGER offers the perfect solution for all requirements and heights. Each of the four carbon materials are ultra-light weight and extremely resilient. There is no danger of twisting with nLITE telescopic poles. An optimum stability-to-weight ratio, and the high rigidity of the poles, reduces the effort required and saves time.

Cleaning hard-to-reach places such as overhanging facades, conservatories or domes is often a challenge. With the modular angle system from nLITE, this can also be done in no time at all. The flexible system can be combined into different variants. The brushes can be changed and the angle adjusted in no time at all with one simple operation.

Fully optimised brush concept

UNGER has also invested considerably in the innovation for the new nLITE brushes. It is now available with a Rinse Bar. This is a special bar above the brush with several rinse nozzles along the length of the bar. This allows the right amount of pure water to be directed exactly where it is needed. The centrally integrated nozzles within the brushes, guarantees powerful dirt removal. Another new function of the brushes, is the Swivel Function that can be freely swivelled through 180 degrees. The working area is increased by the S movement. This is particularly helpful for cleaning from a lift platform, or a Gondola. With Power Bristle technology, UNGER has created a completely new cleaning concept. The brush head consists of bristles of two different lengths. The shorter inner bristles are comparable with natural hair bristles and guarantee high cleaning performance. The longer outer bristles allow the brush to glide smoothly and easily over the surface.

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