Telescopic poles

Telescopic poles

Telescopic poles                 

UNGER telescopic poles are available in different lengths and with ergonomically shaped handles. Due to the light and stable aluminium material, the telescopic pole is ideal for cleaning glass surfaces. As professional glass cleaning often requires cleaning at height, UNGER's telescopic poles allow safe working from the ground up to a height of 10 m. The telescopic poles can be used for all types of glass surfaces. Tools can be easily and safely attached to the telescopic poles OptiLoc, TelePlus and UniTec to clean the windows with washer and squeegee without a ladder.

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Window cleaning with telescopic pole

The telescopic poles from UNGER are particularly safe thanks to the ErgoTec safety cone. The ErgoTec safety cone prevents tools from falling off the telescopic pole by snapping into place. Tools such as washers and window squeegees can be changed quickly using the release button. UNGER telescopic poles are compatible with all UNGER window cleaning tools.

UNGER telescopic poles

Due to the light weight of the UNGER telescopic poles, glass surfaces can be cleaned quickly and ergonomically. The different telescopic pole systems are available in up to 5 parts. With UNGER telescopic poles you can work safely from the ground up to a height of 10m.