New: UNGER HydroPower RO

Solingen | 06.04.2017

Using the pure water technology of the future today

As leading experts in the field of pure water cleaning, UNGER develops innovative product solutions which impress with their high levels of efficiency, intelligent technology and ease of use. The new HydroPower RO is the best proof of this. With its powerful performance capacity, an electronic assistance system and other user-friendly functions, it offers professional window and building cleaners crucial value added.

The new HydroPower RO extends UNGER’s tried-and-tested HydroPower filter system product line. With a pure water performance capacity of up to 400 liters per hour, the compact and mobile filter system is a powerful device. It can also be used by up to three people at the same time. In addition to its remarkable performance capacity, the HydroPower RO particularly impresses with its user-friendliness. The compact, robust design and the careful processing of top-class materials also guarantee a long service life.

An electronic assistant which ‘thinks’ for itself

The HydroPower RO is equipped with an electronic assistance system which makes the work of professional window and building cleaners that little bit simpler: RO Smartguard monitors the performance of the filter system when it is in use and guarantees that the user has access to topquality pure water at all times. The condition and performance status of all filter components are shown on the display. A traffic light display provides information about when the filter cartridges must be replaced. This ensures that window and building cleaners no longer have to focus unnecessarily on the device; instead, they can completely concentrate on the work at hand.

Automatic maintenance, simple servicing

An automatic flushing function is performed each time the HydroPower RO is turned on and off. This guarantees that any impurities are flushed out of the RO membranes – something which improves efficiency and also contributes towards extending the service life of the filter components.

Equally practical: the filter components can be replaced easily and quickly thanks to the innovative FastLock mechanism. Turn the cover and pull upwards – then the screw-in filter cartridges can be removed and replaced.

UNGER HydroPower RO filter process info box:

UNGER’s HydroPower RO filter system demineralizes the water in a three-stage process.

To begin with, a carbon pre-filter removes chlorine and any sediments. The water is then pumped through two high-performance RO membranes which filter out up to 98 percent of the dissolved minerals and impurities. A DI filter removes any remaining minerals from the water. The result? 100 percent pure water for guaranteed streak-free cleanliness.

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