Pure Water Cleaning

Pure Water Cleaning

Pure water cleaning system

With the UNGER pure water cleaning system, surfaces can be cleaned chemically-free, efficiently and safely. Whether for professional window cleaning, solar cleaning or façade cleaning, dirt can be removed quickly and effectively thanks to the high cleaning efficiency of the pure water produced - without reworking. UNGER's innovative pure water cleaning system can be adapted to the requirements of glass and building cleaners by selecting the right pure water filter.

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Choosing Your Filter System

There are 2 recognised methods of pure water production in the window cleaning industry – Reverse Osmosis and Deionisation. The UNGER range includes filters utilising both of these methods.

Differences between deionization and reverse osmosis?

These filters utilise ion exchange resin which removes ionised salts and impurities from water, producing 100 % deionised pure water, with no waste water. Though DI filters require a relatively low initial investment when compared to RO, frequent replacement of old resin with new is necessary for 100 % pure water production. Mobile design and portability, with no need for power or pumps, our DI filters can be easily set up anywhere – all you need is a tap water supply.

The UNGER RO utilizes 3 stage water purification system. First, Carbon-Pre-filter captures chlorine and sediments from the incoming water, then the water is directed towards 2 RO membranes which remove up to 98 % of dissolved minerals and contaminants. At this point, the water flow is split into waste water (concentrate) that requires drainage facility and pure water which is directed to DI Polisher where any remaining impurities are filtered by ion exchange resin to produce 100 % pure water.