HydroPower DI System

Solingen | 20.04.2016

Save time and money with the new nLite HydroPower DI system

The Unger nLite HydroPower DI, which is being launched to the international cleaning industry at ISSA Interclean Amsterdam, exceeds even the highest expectations when it comes to efficiency, profitability, workflow, comfort and cleaning results. Available in three different sizes, with optional accessories and a choice of configurations, the system is designed to provide the ultimate in flexibility for the professional window cleaner.

Deionisation (DI) is a chemical process that uses specially-manufactured ion-exchange resins to remove mineral ions from the water, and the resin needs to be replaced regularly. Previously this could only be achieved by pouring the sand-like resin into DI vessels, making it a time-consuming process.

Unger recognised this and, through its commitment to making the lives of cleaning professionals easier, it has come up with a new system that incorporates an ingenious option – Quick Change Resin Bags (patent pending).

Features and benefits to the new system:

  • Value for money – FloWater technology delivers a more regular distribution of water, reducing the consumption of resin and decreasing costs, increasing resin efficiency by up to 30%
  • Time savings – Quick Change Resin Bags make the refilling of the nLite HydroPower DI system 10 times quicker than a standard DI system; and FastLock Opening speeds up filter handling
  • More flexibility – Quick Change Resin Bags enable rapid and easy resin replacement on the spot, wherever you are cleaning; each bag contains a pre-measured amount of resin and they are as easy as changing filters in a coffee machine

Pure Water cleaning has revolutionised the window cleaning industry thanks to its time and moneysaving benefits. Unger has been a major force in developing this highly effective method, and its new system marks another leap forward in terms of technological development and ease of use.

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. By putting the resin into bags Unger has set a new standard for easy handling – the most comfortable and quick way to change resin so far.

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