Cleaning in healthcare

From cleaning in the corridor to the operating room or kitchen area. The cleaning of care facilities or hospitals is subject to special requirements. For every healthcare facility, first-class patient care and positive feedback from patients are crucial for attracting and retaining patients, medical and professional staff. The cleanliness of the medical facility has a significant impact on how your patients view your facility as a whole. Due to the high incidence of germs and bacteria, the surfaces and floor coverings must be cleaned quickly and effectively during operation. Hygiene also determines the image of your facility. For the cleaning staff, this is a great responsibility to comply with the high hygiene standards. For efficient maintenance cleaning, UNGER with more than 50 years of experience offers innovative cleaning products, which enable effective cleaning work through ergonomic design and this without extensive training. With its cleaning systems and cleaning products, UNGER offers complete solutions for the cleaning staff of your facility and increases the satisfaction of patients and residents. Learn more about the product range for maintenance cleaning.

Your challenges:

  • Satisfaction of patients and residents
  • Image of the institution
  • Operational efficiency
  • Ensuring the safety of patients, residents and employees

Cleaning services in hospitals and nursing homes

Cleaning in nursing homes and hospitals covers a wide range of different areas of application. For example, the reception and waiting areas are also the face of your practice, which is associated with the important first impression. When patients come and go all day long, the risk of contamination increases and so does the risk to the overall appearance of your practice. UNGER products have therefore been specially designed to achieve even more effective and efficient cleaning results with less use of detergents and water. For the professional cleaning of ward corridors, entrance areas or treatment rooms, the erGO! clean floor cleaning system [internal link to product side] is a proven system with its ergonomic S-handle and its integrated spray system, which can be used without expensive training costs. In the field of glass interior cleaning, UNGER offers with its Stingray cleaning system an excellent cleaning tool, which enables highly efficient cleaning work due to its intuitive and ergonomic design, and this with low consumption of cleaning agents. For glass cleaning, UNGER offers a wide range of window squeegees, washers and cleaning accessories. Thanks to the innovative UNGER HydroPower pure water system [link to category page pure water cleaning system] the cleaning of larger surfaces can be carried out in a particularly environmentally friendly and efficient way. In order to prevent the spread of bacteria and germs, UNGER tools can be assigned to different application areas with a colour coding system.

Applications in the healthcare sector

Advantages of UNGER products in the healthcare sector

  • Ready-to-Go Products
  • Minimal training requirements thanks to intuitive designs
  • Effective cleaning results with minimum use of water and chemicals
  • Excellent cleaning systems that meet the highest hygiene standards

Cleaning of treatment areas - The solution with UNGER

There is often not much time left for cleaning treatment areas during working hours. Nevertheless, cleaning must be carried out with maximum hygiene and efficiency. With the cleaning systems from UNGER, the cleaning employee can carry out his cleaning work in an extremely ergonomic way and clean thoroughly and quicker. With the SmartColor systems, the cleaning work can be carried out according to colour-separated application areas, thus avoiding the spread of germs. UNGER products facilitate these tasks of professional cleaning in health care.

Products for healthcare cleaning

UNGER offers the right cleaning system for your requirements for cleaning work in hospitals, nursing homes or other premises where particularly high hygiene standards have to be met. Learn more about the award-winning UNGER products.

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