HydroPower RO XXL Trailer

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Fully integrated trailer system with reverse osmosis filter and 650 l water tank. Total flexibility for producing and transporting 100 % pure water for water fed pole cleaning! The ONLY real alternative to commercial van mounted systems.

  • Automatic flush function helps to prevent scaling and pollution of the RO membrane and prolong its lifetime. 
  • Maximum tank capacity: 650 l pure water
  • 1 or 2 man operation via 2 stainless steel hose reels and 2 x 12 V (10 bar, 150 psi) pumps
  • 2 high quality 100 m hoses for optimal reach
  • Pure water output – up to 125 l per hour per person
  • Digital controller monitors water flow, pressure and battery power
  • Control water flow manually or by wireless remote control (max. reach 100 m in open area)
  • 3 stage water purification production with dedicated 12 V (10 bar, 150 psi) pump.  (Carbon  Pre-filter, RO Membrane and HydroPower® DI Filter Polisher)
  • Integrated TDS meter
  • High capacity 12 Volt AGM battery offers ‘all day’ operation before requiring recharge
  • Maintenance free 210 amp hour AGM battery with mains charger supplied
  • Optional: Proctection cover available for hose reels.
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