HydroPower RO M Filter

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The sheer power of pure water

  • 2x RO membranes deliver impressive pure water output: up to 350 L/hr
  • Powerful enough for 2 operators to work simultaneously
  • Quiet operation thanks to the latest pump technology
  • Durable metal quick-release connectors, designed to eliminate leaks or drips
  • High-quality materials ensure a long service life “Made in Germany”
  • FastLock opening makes easy job of changing filter cartridges in seconds (up to 30 times faster)
  • Integrated TDS-meter, shows performance level of membranes and resin filters
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HydroPower RO

The sheer power of pure water

Smart design meets high performance

When it comes to designing groundbreaking solutions for safe and efficient cleaning, UNGER is always at the forefront of innovation. Meet our latest development – the HydroPower RO M pure water filter. This compact yet powerful mobile filter is super simple to maintain with fast and easy change of key components - without any tools.

100% pure water

The HydroPower RO M demineralizes the water in a 3-stage process. The combi pre-filter removes fine particles and chlorine. The high performance double membrane filters out up to 98% of the minerals. In the third stage the remaining minerals are bound by an ion exchange resin.

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