nLite Connect Ultra HiMod Carbon

Article No.

Telescopic Master Pole. The ultimate in rigidity, superlight pole.

  • Recommended for working at heights of up to 20 m
  • Incl. Thread Adapter and Endcap. Ultimate material strength: 760 GPa
  • Yellow visual warning area to avoid unintentional separation.
Part No. Extended Collapsed Sections Weight BottomØ 
UH35G 3,41 m 1,91 m 2 0,7 kg 35 mm
UH67G 6,63 m 1,87 m 4 1,5 kg 35 mm
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UNGER nLITE Ultra HiMod Carbon: the sky’s the limit

This one’s got a head for heights! The new UNGER nLITE Ultra HiMod carbon poles set new standards in cleaning at lofty heights. Ideal for the requirements of professional cleaning with pure water, the water-fed poles can reach a working height of an unbelievable 22 metres, making the water-fed telescopic pole the absolute high-flyer of the UNGER nLITE system’s poles.

Need to clean the glass facade on the 6th floor without stepping off the ground? No problem thanks to the UNGER nLITE Ultra HiMod carbon pole. The water-fed pole is one of the most advanced telescopic poles in the world. With specially woven high-end carbon fibres that are 30 percent more rigid than nLITE HiMod carbon, the pole boasts enormous stability and resilience. Ideal for cleaning with pure water at great heights.

Water-fed poles with clever special features

What’s really impressive is not just the high-end material of the water-fed telescopic pole across the board, but also the innovative PrecisionGrip technology: the unique pole shape of the UNGER nLITE Ultra HiMod carbon poles scores points with its contact surfaces that are optimally adapted to the user’s hand. This enables ultra-precise control of the cleaning movement without twisting the pole. Straightforward, ergonomic work with less user strength required is guaranteed. That’s just what’s needed for cleaning with pure water, especially at high and tricky-to-reach worksites.

UNGER nLITE system: groundbreaking technology

Need to clean the windows on the 6th floor without stepping off the ground? The nLITE Ultra HiMod carbon pole makes your job easy. The water-fed telescopic pole has been developed by UNGER precisely for the demanding requirements of cleaning with pure water. The ultra-light 8.60 metre long and 6-part main pole can easily be extended for use at great heights with an extension adapter and up to four telescopic extension poles. You can keep cleaning right up to an unbelievable 22.30 metres. Despite its length, the main pole is truly lightweight, weighing only 1.74 kilograms. The 3.20 metre long extension poles weighing only 0.77 kilograms are also easy to use from the ground without much effort.

By the way: the nLITE series water-fed poles are available individually as a telescopic pole or as a complete pole. In addition to the telescopic main and extension pole, the UNGER nLITE Ultra HiMod carbon complete pole also comes with an extension adapter, an angle adapter set as well as an nLITE power bristle. The ideal all-inclusive package for professional cleaning with pure water.

UNGER nLITE Ultra HiMod Carbon:

  • Ideal for great heights up to 22 m
  • Robust and lightweight thanks to specially woven high-end carbon fibres
  • Ergonomic and precise thanks to PrecisionGrip pole shape
  • SmartLock clamps: lock the pole elements with one finger
  • Highly flexible DuroFlex hose for straightforward cleaning
  • Highest quality - Made in Germany

Technical details:

  • Telescopic main pole: Length: 8.60 m, weight: 1.74 kg
  • Extension pole: Length: 3.20 m, weight: 0.77 kg
  • Working height: up to 22,30 m
  • Strength: 760 GPa

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