HiFlo Membrane Maintenance



  • Remember to maintain your RO40C/RO30G/C/60S/TRLR1 when it is not in use, right now when it is stored in winter.
  • Simple and quickly done with the HiFlo RO-Membrane Maintenance.
  • NOTE: The HiFlo RO-Membrane Maintenance fluid #15436 is only a maintenance fluid, no anti-freeze! Never expose your RO unit to frost!


    • The RO unit should not be shut down for more than 7 days.
    • If the system is shut down for longer, it has to be maintained.
    • Nevertheless, the device should not be exposed to frost, because the membrane is protected only externally.
    • Unscrew the filter cup in the pre-filter group and remove the fi lter element. Insert the feed pipe in the black filter. Transverse hole must be at the bottom.
    • Fill the maintenance fluid into the right filter cup and firmly attach it again.
    • Connect the system to the water supply.
    • Both water outputs must remain open.
    • Make sure the system is switched off!
    • Open the water inlet valve and allow the infl owing water to flow freely through the system (No power!)
    • Make sure that the water inlet valve does not remain open for more than 10 seconds. There is a risk that the entire maintenance fluid will be completely flushed into the duct.
  • 15436 - HiFlo Membrane Maintencance