nLITE Carbon Composite

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Telescopic pole for small to medium heights.

  • Recommended for working heights of up to 10 m (approx. 2 floors)
  • PrecisionGrip pole form
  • For ergonomic working and making best use of your strength
  • More precise control of the cleaning movement and high force transmission
  • Uninterrupted work due to non-twisting pole
  • SmartLock clamps
  • Easy and quick to close with just one finger
  • Robust 2C material
  • Clamp mechanism that protects the carbon material and ensures a long service life for the pole
  • Extension stop prevents pulling out pole elements too far
  • Integrated hose management
  • Internal routing of the new, highly flexible DuroFlex hose in the telescopic pole for trouble-free work on windows and facades
  • Complete flexibility: external routing possible thanks to optional nLite clips
  • Resilience: 100 GPa*
  • not extendable
Part No Extended Collapsed Sections Weight
CC16T 1,60 m 0,90 m 2 0,46 kg
CC32T 3,20 m 1,70 m 2 0,70 kg
CC60T 6,00 m 1,70 m 4 1,41 kg
CC85T 8,60 m 1,70 m 6 2,20 kg


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Water-fed poles: powerful and effective

The UNGER nLITE water-fed pole system sets a new milestone in cleaning with pure water. The UNGER nLITE carbon composite telescopic poles score points with their perfect mix of stability and flexibility. With the new nLITE system, UNGER has developed water-fed telescopic poles on a scale never before achieved.

UNGER nLITE system: perfect handling

Thanks to its innovative PrecisionGrip pole shape, commercial window cleaners can work with noticeably more precision. The pole shape of the UNGER nLITE carbon composite poles reduces the user strength required and enables ergonomic work at any working height.

Cleaning with pure water reaches a whole new level with the UNGER nLITE system. With the water-fed poles, the sky’s the limit: the UNGER nLITE carbon composite telescopic main pole measures an impressive 8.60 metres and therefore has no trouble cleaning glass surfaces on the second floor, all from the comfort of the ground. Would you like a little more? That’s no problem with UNGER’s water-fed poles. The UNGER nLITE system’s water-fed telescopic poles are of course also designed for smaller buildings or working from a cherry picker. From 0.90 metres to 6.00 metres in length, the poles are ideal for use at any worksite.

Water-fed telescopic poles: quick, precise, secure

UNGER has developed the nLITE system water-fed telescopic poles, taking performance to new heights. Intelligent product features guarantee precise control of the cleaning movement and greatly minimise the time and effort involved. Would you like an example? SmartLock clamps: this small but neat feature of UNGER’s water-fed poles is particularly effective in reducing the amount of work involved when cleaning with pure water, especially when you need quick and impressive cleaning results on parts of buildings with different heights. With the SmartLock clamps, commercial window cleaners can lock the individual pole elements simply and quickly using a finger. It couldn’t be easier. And an integrated extension stop prevents the pole elements being pulled out too far. Quick, precise and secure work guaranteed – also thanks to the DuroFlex hose in the UNGER nLITE carbon composite telescopic poles. The integrated hose management and highly flexible material make work on windows and facades straightforward. nLITE clips are optionally available to attach the hose to the outside. The result is complete flexibility and extreme efficiency for professional cleaning with pure water.

Whether cleaning solar panels or working on overhanging facades: the UNGER nLITE system’s water-fed poles are ushering in a new era in cleaning with pure water. UNGER nLITE means: ultra-light and at the same time extremely robust carbon materials and product features technologically developed precisely to meet the needs of cleaning professionals.

All of this can be found in the best and most advanced telescopic pole system in the world:

nLITE Carbon Composite

  • Ideal for small to medium heights
  • Robust and light thanks to carbon and glass fibre material
  • Ergonomic and precise thanks to PrecisionGrip pole shape
  • SmartLock clamps: lock the pole elements with one finger
  • Highly flexible DuroFlex hose for straightforward cleaning
  • Highest quality - Made in Germany

Technical details:

  • four pole lengths: 1.60 m, 3.20 m, 6.00 m, 8.60 m
  • Working height: up to 10 m
  • Number of elements: 2-6
  • Extension poles: 0.90 m – 1.68 m
  • Weight: 0.46 kg – 2.20 kg
  • Strength: 96 GPa

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nLITE Carbon Composite

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6,00 m

1,60 m

3,20 m

8,60 m

Telescopic pole

Telescopic main pole

Telescopic extension pole

3,41 m

6,63 m

3,41 m

6,63 m

3,00 m

4,50 m

6,00 m

Extension stop


up to 2nd floor

up to 4th floor

Maximum working height

10,1 m

16,2 m

20,0 m

9,0 m


1x pole

1x main pole, 2x extension pole

1x main pole, 4x extension pole

1x main pole, 1x extension pole

Retractable length

1,70 m

Main pole: 1,70 m extension pole: 1,80 m

Main pole: 1,87 m extension pole: 1,91 m

Main pole: 1,71 m extension pole: 1,69 m

Hose routing

inner and external

inner and external



Material strength

100 GPa

210 GPa

760 Gpa

30 GPa

Pole form

PrecisionGrip (twist-proof)

PrecisionGrip (twist-proof)



Details Details Details Details Details
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