OmniClean Intensive Cleaning Pad Mop

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Microfibre mop 40 cm

  • High cleaning power thanks to microfibres and scrubbing fibres
  • Hooks & loops back for quick and precise installation on the pad mop holder
  • Colour coded stripes for cutting
  • 100% polyester
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Floor cleaning more efficient, hygienic and safer than ever before

  • Compact and lightweight double bucket for damp and wet mopping of floors.
  • Ergonomic floor mopping and wringing out of the mop without bending down.
  • The intuitive two-chamber system ensures hygienic cleaning results by excluding the re-application of the dirty water.
  • Effective mop preparation with visual inspection – without touching it.


Hygiene: 2 times more effective at removing microbes* than traditional floor cleaning systems.

Efficiency: Over 40 % faster* than conventional floor cleaning systems

Safety: Cleaned surfaces dry twice as fast* and therefore minimize the risk of accidents

* Independent test report from Sitemark FM Best Practice Benchmarking, September 2020