ErgoTec Squeegee Hard

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Stainless steel squeegee with bi-component handle. Hard rubber.

  • New handle with optimised S-spring
  • Quick and simple channel change
  • Fits securely to pole with Locking Cone
  • Compatible with S-Channel and S-Channel Plus
  • Ideal for warmer temperatures
  • Ideal for large, smooth surfaces
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ErgoTec window squeegee: The best professional window squeegee for perfect window cleaning

The ErgoTec range is made for cleaning specialists looking for high-quality, reliable tools. All of our products have been developed for daily use and are particularly durable and robust. Cleaning specialists working with ErgoTec products will find them particularly gentle and non-tiring to use.

Professionals know what is important in classic glass and window cleaning. Various tools are required for conventional cleaning, each of which has a specific task in the cleaning process. First of all, the window is washed, then a window squeegee is used: the squeegee leaves the window free of streaks. If necessary, the window frame can be finished with a microfibre glass cloth. Glass and window surfaces can be cleaned in the classic way both inside and outside.

For warm and cold temperatures: ErgoTec window squeegee ensures a streak-free finish

The ErgoTec window squeegee is optionally equipped with a hard or soft squeegee rubber. UNGER recommends the hard squeegee rubber for warmer temperatures and smooth surfaces. The soft squeegee rubber is ideal for cleaning in colder temperatures and on uneven surfaces. Both the durable squeegee rubber and the channel can be easily replaced. Practical: Like all UNGER professional tools, our ErgoTec window squeegee can be used with the telescopic poles. Like all ErgoTec tools, the UNGER window squeegee locks firmly onto the telescopic pole’s safety cone. No problems with falling or twisting off! The integrated thumb area on the top of the handle allows additional pressure to be applied when required.

Especially compatible: ErgoTec is suitable for UNGER window cleaning accessories

The professional window squeegee is compatible with the UNGER S-Channel and S-Channel Plus. Changing the channel is very easy thanks to the simple opening mechanism. Our ErgoTec window squeegee can be stored securely in the Bucket-On-a-Belt. You can buy the UNGER window squeegeein lengths ranging from 25cm to 55cm.

Test the best-selling window squeegee - for easy, streak-free cleaning of larger areas in less time.



If you are ever dissatisfied with an Unger product, you may return it for a replacement exchange OR refund.

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If you are ever dissatisfied with an Unger product, you may return it for a replacement exchange OR refund. Right

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