Waterfed Brushes

Waterfed Brushes

Superlight UNGER Brushes are designed to get into the smallest corners and effectively lift dirt from the surfaces with scrubbing action. Depending on the cleaning task, you can choose from universally applicable rectangular shaped brush or radius brush, designed for easy cleaning of sills and other angled objects.

  • Optimally adapted to all surfaces to be cleaned, as well as an ergonomic way of working.
  • Special bristles, split and unsplit, boarshair or nylon ensure optimum removal of the dirt.
  • Brush body in different forms reach even the most difficult angles. The super lightweight nLite brushes protect the arms and back of the user. Special jet technology supports with optimal water supply.

Especially at farms the solar output can be increased due to the
high soilage by dust and dirt.

Solarcleaning Landwirtschaft

The nLite System is particularly effective on mixed glass / solar

Solarcleaning Modulfassaden

Extremely quick and easy cleaning of modules in residential areas.

Solarcleaning Modulflächen

Solar Winkelbürste

nLite Solar-Angle Brush

  • Superlight
  • Flexible jet positions
  • Soft and hard bristles
  • Angled backing for large areas
  • available in: 27cm (#NL27Y), 40cm (#NL40Y), 60cm (#NL60Y)



Solar Hiflo Naturhaarbürste

nLite Boarshair Brush

  • Flexible jet positions
  • Soft, natural bristles
  • Best cleaning power
  • available in 27cm: #NLE27, 40cm: #NLE40


  • Optimal for hard to reach areas.
  • Available as standard aluminium adapter or super light nLite Carbon-Adapter.