Solar cleaning

Photovoltaic and solar systems are exposed to a wide variety of environmental influences and the efficiency of energy generation quickly decreases when the glass surface becomes soiled. The natural cleaning by rain is not sufficient to keep the efficiency of the solar panel constant. The right time is crucial for cleaning. New panels should be cleaned for the first time after two years at the latest. The further intervals depend on the type of contamination and location. With UNGER cleaning products, the work of glass and building cleaners can be carried out quickly, efficiently and safely.

Clean photovoltaic system with pure water

When cleaning solar panels, it is particularly important not to damage them during cleaning. Cleaning with pure water is one of the safest, most effective and fastest methods in professional solar cleaning. Demineralized water is obtained by one of the UNGER filter systems by deionization or reverse osmosis. With waterfed telescopic poles, work can be carried out without ladders at a height of up to 20 m. The system can also be used as a waterfed system. Waterfed brushes loosen the dirt and remove it with the pure water.

Photovoltaic cleaning with the UNGER pure water cleaning system

Gentle and efficient cleaning with pure water and the UNGER nLite® system - By using the HydroPower pure water filters, the cleaning of PV/solar systems can be carried out chemically-free and environmentally friendly. The pure water cleaning system consists of a pure water filter, waterfed nLite poles and waterfed brushes. A pure water system can be configured with the configurator.

Advantages of cleaning solar systems with UNGER

Effective and safe!

  • Without the use of ladders or working platforms and without climbing the roofs.
  • Cleaning of the modules in the shortest possible time.
  • The solar yield increases after cleaning.

How does the correct glass cleaning with UNGER work?

In addition to cleaning solar systems, UNGER, with more than 50 years of experience in professional glass and building cleaning, offers innovative cleaning systems for fast and effective cleaning of glass surfaces and facades.

Products for cleaning photovoltaic systems

UNGER products for cleaning photovoltaic systems enable efficient and safe work processes. Learn more about the individual products at a glance.

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