Our Window Cleaner of the Month for January

Frank Illy from Kandel in the Southern Palatinate is the Managing Director of Illy Gebäudereinigung. In 1989, as a foreman for Schlee, he not only cleaned his first glass surfaces, but also used buckets, washers, squeegees and chamois leather from UNGER for the first time. Frank Illy now runs his…

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Become a product tester at UNGER and help shape the future!

At UNGER, we know that our community is at the heart of our success. Your opinions and experiences are invaluable to us, and we would like to give you the unique opportunity to participate actively in shaping our future. How? Become part of our exclusive product tester community!

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Working at considerable heights: Aiming high with safety

The work of commercial cleaners is diverse and challenging. They must clean a wide variety of surfaces effectively – and all at increasingly greater heights. After all, the modern architecture found in almost every city is quite literally scraping the sky with attractive glass facades. For cleaning…

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A subtle difference: flocked and unflocked bristles

The bristle makes all the difference: Glass and building cleaning specialists decide which water-fed brush they want to use from one situation to the next. Choosing a brush with flocked or unflocked bristles depends on various factors – for example, whether you are periodically cleaning windows with…

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