Our Window Cleaner of the Month for May

Mariusz Olszewski has been a window cleaning specialist for almost 25 years. Born in Poland, he spent the first eight years of his professional life in Great Britain. It was while employed there that he first became acquainted with UNGER tools – more precisely, with a window cleaning kit consisting…

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Our Window Cleaner of the Month for April

Kevin Hargis first came across UNGER in the mid-90s – specifically the Monsoon washer. He was immediately impressed by the high quality and reliable performance of the product. In the meantime, his company ECO Advantage Inc. Clean Solar Solutions America, based in Edwardsburg, Michigan, focuses…

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Our Window Cleaner of the Month for March

Enrico Gardoni from Italy is the son and nephew of cleaning specialists: one might say the trade is in his blood. As a young boy, he would accompany his father to clean windows. He was fascinated by this activity right from the start. The fun then turned serious: today, Enrico Gardoni runs his own…

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Our Window Cleaner of the Month for February

The life of window cleaner Franck Lauret from Quincay in France took an unpredictable turn when he met Henry, Barbara and Mark Unger at the EUROPROPRE trade fair. He entered a window cleaning competition there and sailed to victory in the French championship. After this, the window cleaning world…

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