A subtle difference: flocked and unflocked bristles

The bristle makes all the difference: Glass and building cleaning specialists decide which water-fed brush they want to use from one situation to the next. Choosing a brush with flocked or unflocked bristles depends on various factors – for example, whether you are periodically cleaning windows with…

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Getting it right: How to achieve streak-free windows using a washer and window squeegee

If you approach window cleaning like a pro, you can remove dirt, stubborn stains and smudges from glass in no time. And you won’t need a lot of equipment or a particularly large amount of time and energy. What you WILL need is the right approach and technique. In the following article we’ll take a…

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Cleaning photovoltaic plants made easy

Solar-powered electricity is a major trend. To ensure that a photovoltaic system reaches the ripe age of 40, it is important to clean it regularly. In fact, up to 30 percent of electricity losses can be attributed to contamination alone. In order to meet the requirements of expensive solar…

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The 16 most common mistakes in pure water cleaning

Nothing is more unsatisfactory than realising after cleaning the window that all the effort was in vain because streaks, stripes and stains on the pane spoil the final result. In most cases, this visible residue indicates an incorrect approach: if you prepare the cleaning with pure water correctly…

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