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Working at considerable heights: Aiming high with safety

Working at considerable heights

The work of commercial cleaners is diverse and challenging. They must clean a wide variety of surfaces effectively – and all at increasingly greater heights. After all, the modern architecture found in almost every city is quite literally scraping the sky with attractive glass facades. For cleaning professionals, this means good business prospects but also poses the challenge of working safely while maintaining high quality standards. In this blog article, we will present the equipment and methods required to achieve optimum results.


Working at considerable heights: Aiming high with safety

  • Aerial work platform, ladder or pole system – what are the advantages and disadvantages of these different solutions when working at height?
  • A detailed look at poles – which models are more suitable for pure water cleaning and which are better for traditional glass cleaning?
  • Areas high up that are difficult to access – reach them from the ground with flexible angled adaptors!

From glass and building facades to photovoltaic systems, signage and vehicles – cleaning professionals master the challenges in various areas of application. There are many options for ridding surfaces situated high up of dirt. Aerial work platforms make work safer but often involve high costs and are not always practical due to a lack of space. Ladders are a cheaper alternative but present an increased safety risk. So what is the deal with telescopic poles or pole systems?

Pole systems for all scenarios

Poles enable safe and effective working from the ground. Since the commercial cleaner has a stable footing, this reduces the risk of accidents, malfunctions and any costs associated with these. But can poles reliably reach surfaces at great heights?

Yes, of course! Suitable pole systems exist for cleaning glass facades and other surfaces high up, both for use with pure water as well as traditional glass cleaning, depending on your preference.

1. Telescopic poles for traditional window cleaning

If you aren’t using pure water yet, you can use telescopic poles which allow you to reach areas at great heights comfortably from the ground. They can typically reach up to 10 metres in height, meaning that you won’t need to use an aerial work platform or ladder.

UNGER offers a range of suitable telescopic poles in various lengths and with ergonomic handles for optimum traditional glass cleaning. They are made from aluminium – a sturdy material that is slightly heavier than carbon but is still lightweight to hold. This ensures fast and effortless cleaning. Incidentally, the water-fed nLITE poles developed for pure water cleaning are made from carbon. They can be used for traditional glass cleaning thanks to an adaptor which allows traditional cleaning tools to be easily and safely attached to the water-fed pole system. The attachment mechanism is the same as with the OptiLoc, TelePlus and UniTec ranges from UNGER – extremely practical!

Another benefit of telescopic poles is that they easily fold down and – unlike ladders – are practical to transport around inside a car or van.

2. Pure water cleaning with nLITE poles

Pure water systems enable an efficient and safe cleaning process. They are essential for modern glass and commercial cleaning. Those who prefer this option can choose from water-fed poles which allow you to stand firmly on the ground while working precisely on the 6th floor (20 m).

What features should water-fed pole systems have to give you a good feeling? First and foremost they should be lightweight so that you don’t get tired after long periods of use. After all, water flows through these systems adding extra weight and if you are working at height for long periods of time, you will feel every gram.

Equally as important as weight is rigidity. The optimum ratio of weight and rigidity creates the necessary stability and makes a pole manoeuvrable. Ergo: the higher quality the pole, the better control you will have over your equipment, the more comfortable you will be and the safer your working routine.

The telescopic poles from the UNGER nLITE system are made of high-quality carbon materials, are ultra lightweight and equally rigid. They allow virtually effortless cleaning of windows and facades up to 16 metres up from the ground. This requires minimal strength and you can work precisely and quickly without any issues.

As with the nLITE system, the flexible nLITE Connect system also combines telescopic and modular elements. This means you can create the perfect pole for any working height. The master pole can be lengthened by up to a maximum of four extension poles, enabling you to work at heights of as much as 20 metres!

Did you know? Cleaning areas that are difficult to access, such as overhanging facades or domes is often a challenge, particularly when height comes into play. In these cases, the angled adaptors in the UNGER nLITE pole system, which can be combined with many versions, let you reach even the most far-flung corners.


Conclusion: Pole systems are a real alternative!

There is a suitable pole system for every area of application – and by choosing the highest quality, telescopic poles are a much better alternative to aerial work platforms and ladders! After all, whether it’s traditional glass cleaning or a pure water system: working at height is far more comfortable and safer when your feet are firmly on the ground.