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Heroic window cleaning: Save the world from dirt

There is smoke from the food truck in the air, construction work swirls dirt between the high walls of skyscrapers and thousands of cars cross the streets. In large cities, the unfiltered polluted air impacts against the windows of buildings, some of which are hundreds of metres high. Millions of dirt particles are responsible for dark spots and opaque window panes.


You have the power to get these windows shining again. Be a hero and move into action! Discover the power that is in high-precision tools and clean windows without streaks like a real professional.

How does THE NINJA transform you into a hero?

Under no circumstances should you face the daily fight against dirty glass without being prepared. Superheroes do not always fight with their own strength, but rather often make use of a wide variety of aids. The god of the Avengers Thor is attributed certain abilities only by means of his hammer. Without it he is just a weak, regular man. But as soon as he finds the Mjolnir hammer, he develops superhuman strength and can even fly. Like Thor, transform into a superhero with the help of the latest premium window cleaning tools. With this equipment in your hands, you will surpass yourself and finally declare war on the dirt of big city windows. However, this particular weapon can only be used by selected professionals. As a cleaning specialist, you have all the basic requirements and the basic knowledge to use the power of THE NINJA Transformer Box correctly.

BE THE HERO with THE NINJA Transformer Box

Equip yourself with the right weapon and swing from facade to facade with the tools of THE NINJA Transformer Box. The extra light and stable carbon telescopic pole makes it possible. With it you can withstand any challenge. The extremely cool Action-Look of the various cleaning tools ensures even more power when cleaning windows. Dirt will be a thing of the past, because with this equipment no dirt will be able to get past you. Thanks to the highest quality and extra light material, you can reach even the most difficult parts of the window with the 1.50 m long carbon telescopic pole. It consists of two parts and an automatic stop function that makes it even more effective to use. The microfibre cover of the NINJA washer helps you to achieve heroic cleaning power and the 20 percent higher water absorption of the microfibre covers guarantees you a crystal-clear result without streaks. The Ninja window squeegee takes your superpowers against dirt to the next level. With the combination of the carbon telescopic pole and the NINJA window squeegee you will clean all windows without streaks faster than the Flash. In this way you can reach every height, every corner and inspire the crowds with your new superpower.

The limited THE NINJA Transformer BOX at a glance

CARBON telescopic pole

  • Extra light and very stable
  • Comfortable to use even in cold temperatures
  • Carbon material of the highest quality
  • Automatic stop function when pulling out the telescopic pole
  • Durable clamps for one-handed operation
  • High quality 2C handle


  • Ninja carrier in exclusive green & black colours
  • Power microfibre cover for ultimate cleaning power
  • 20% higher water absorption than standard microfibre covers
  • Machine washable & suitable for tumble drying


  • Ninja squeegee in exclusive green & black colours
  • Extruded high-tech T6 aluminium channel
  • 40° head tilt and 180° swivel function for working with the carbon telescopic pole


  • 4cm wide double-sided plastic blade
  • Gentle removal of dirt on sensitive surfaces
  • Only available in the Transformer Box

If you have any questions about pure water cleaning, your UNGER specialist dealer, the UNGER customer service team or your personal point of contact will be happy to help.

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