Pros placing their bets on the “Dog Earring”

A trend has firmly established itself amongst professional window cleaners: they are single-handedly bending the ends of their squeegee channels downwards with a pair of tongs to improve their performance. You can find out here what lies behind this trend and how it has now been professionalized.

Many professionals – especially in Great Britain – have already been taking advantage of squeegee channels with outer edges that are bent downwards. However, up to now, they have to do this by themselves with one of their tools. Unger are now making this unnecessary by offering professionals a new product including the so-called “Dog Earring”.

The major advantage here is that, thanks to the outer edges that are bent downwards, Unger’s S-Channel Plus exerts more pressure on the squeegee’s rubber edges. As a result, these glide more steadily and uniformly across the frame and remove considerably more water than traditional channels. This means that less water stays on the frame and professionals thus reduce the amount of difficult extra work they have to do with a cloth. The result? Maximum precision, perfect ergonomics and extreme time savings.

With its Ultimate Squeegee Limited Edition, Unger already picked up on and professionalized what professionals themselves started single-handedly: bent ends. In order to now allow all professionals to benefit from this achievement, Unger is bringing a new squeegee channel to the market on the 1st June as a completely finished product for daily use: the S-Channel Plus. It means that professionals will virtually no longer have to “touch up” their squeegee channel and perfectly meets the requirement for optimized cleaning results.

Great product raffle If you are interested in the new Unger S-Channel Plus send us an e-mail with “S-Plus” to and take part in our big raffle of ten new 35-Channels. Winners will be notified within the next four weeks.

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