Ergonomics: essential for body and mind

> Ergonomics: important for cleaning work

> Protection of the musculoskeletal system

> Health management in glass and building cleaning

> Comfortable, fatigue free working

Health management is the trend. Not least in glass and building cleaning. Of course, this work is intensive for the body. In addition to the correct posture, ergonomic cleaning tools play an all the more important role. They can contribute to the promotion of health.

From carrying buckets and frequent stooping to floor cleaning, to working with water carrying pole systems or in hard to reach places - glass and building cleaners have to perform a whole repertoire of arduous physical tasks. It is no wonder that many of you complain about pain in the back and neck area. It doesn’t have to be like that! For example, if you make sure you work with ergonomic cleaning tools.

What is ergonomics about?

The science of ergonomics deals with precisely such problems. How can stressful work processes be adapted better to the body? How can acute and chronic work related pain be avoided? Depending on the occupational field, this subject is tackled differently. For you as a glass and building cleaner, your daily companions should be optimised using ergonomic principles.
Cleaning tools are adapted in shape to your body, so that you should still be agile but remain pain free at the end of the day. Even after many years of working in the profession.

This is how you can work healthily for your body

Proper posture is the A to Z of your job. Fortunately, there are products that work with the body and not against it.For example, with floor cleaning it is important to use telescopic poles. These can be adjusted to your body size. So, tedious working in a bent position becomes something of the past. At the same time, there are handles that are ergonomically designed to favour the intuitive S-movement during mopping. This makes the cleaning process much easier and protects your wrists.
The same applies of course to glass cleaning. Glass cleaning tools should fit perfectly in the hand and require little effort due to their low weight. The best example: Working with water fed pole systems. Here, it depends on the interaction of ergonomic tools and the right physical exertion. For example, the so called "swaying step" ensures a safe and at the same time flexible standing position, which relieves your body. The back is straight and the pole is held with the stronger arm from below. Of course, if the pole is too heavy, difficult to handle or if it bends, this makes the work much harder.
Tip: Get detailed advice from dealers or manufacturers. Ask them exactly how the cleaning products contribute to your promotion of health.

What helps you in your daily work? Do you have any other tips to relieve the body or to relax from time to time? We look forward to receiving your comments! Write to us via Facebook or by Email to

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