Truly Clean Your Floors with UNGER OmniClean

The new standard in floor cleaning


   2 times more effective in removing microbes*


   Over 40% faster*


   Floors dry twice as fast* - Slip risk minimized

*Independent review by Sitemark® FM Best Practice Benchmarking, September 2020

Advanced Floor Care Kits Design Features

Given all of the on-board features, the OmniClean mopping system still affords all of the advantages of a compact, lightweight and easy to maneuver floor cleaning solution.

The best kit for your specific needs of your facilities

OmniClean Dual Bucket Kit

This kit includes the straight pole and the dual bucket system with the wringer and scrub board to directly start with floor cleaning.

OmniClean Spot Cleaning Kit

With the Spot Cleaning Kit, you don't just get an offset pole and the dual bucket system with the wringer and scrub board, you also have many other parts for your specific needs.

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