The UNGER erGO! clean floor cleaning system has been designed to supersede any other floor cleaning mops currently on the market, delivering efficiency, safety and cleanliness.


Three unique benefits of the UNGER erGO! clean mopping system make this different to any tool currently out in the market place.

    1. The detachable and interchangeable bottle allows the cleaner to quickly switch from one cleaning chemical to another and to move from one area to another with the same tool. No need to rinse the tool.  The on-board bucket means no preparation time is required; it’s immediately ready-to-use.
    2. The erGO! clean is the only product with an actuator (needed to dispense liquid) AND a telescopic pole, which adjusts to the height of each user ensuring the wellbeing of your employee.
    3. Its unique S-curved pole with auto-drive rotating grips all but eliminates stress and repetitive strains on wrists, shoulders and waist.


All of these three unique points have been designed to:

  • Improve efficiency - by helping people do the job and save as much time as possible
  • Ensures the products the cleaners use are as safe as possible
  • And makes sure that the end result is as clean as possible

Traditional cleaning systems often lead to the backs, shoulders and joints of cleaners being put under extreme strain.

The ergonomic erGO! clean floor cleaning system, reduces the load placed upon backs, shoulders and joints.

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