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The ultra-fast and ergonomic erGO! clean floor cleaning system.

The cleaning industry has a number of significant issues to address.  It has particularly high wage inflation, a limited pool of labour and a general lack of appeal to employees. In addition, clients are demanding improved standards at lower costs.

Manual floor cleaning tasks can represent up to 24% of a cleaning operatives total working time, and subsequently costs, for all cleaning organisations.   Improving the efficiency of this task alone can deliver significant time and cost benefits for cleaning service providers.  In addition to daily maintenance and scheduled deep cleaning tasks, manual mopping systems are also used to deal with ad-hoc stains and spillages throughout the day.

Traditional mopping equipment is seen as one of the main causes of repetitive strain injuries, with 40% of cleaning operators  complaining about back and neck pains*.  Caused by frequent bending down, carrying heavy buckets, and the action of movement required to mop.

Cleaning operatives need access to efficient and effective tools to maintain high floor cleaning standards, and these need to be robust, easy and quick to use.

With the UNGER erGO! clean  flat mopping system, operators can significantly reduce  cleaning time.

Sitemark® verified the erGO! Clean as 36% FASTER mopping than the leading flat mop*  and 64% FASTER drying time than a traditional round mop.

With the  UNGER erGO! clean,  operators can deliver significant time and cost benefits for cleaning service providers.


Using traditional cleaning systems puts a massive strain on an operators back, shoulders and joints.

The ergonomic erGO! clean floor cleaning system, reduces the load placed upon backs, shoulders and joints.

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