Pure water cleaning

Pure water has an outstanding cleaning power and therefore  avoids the use of chemicals or harsh abrasives. The glass  becomes clean without streaks or residue. This saves time and money.

Cleaning system for cleaning with pure water

In a pure water cleaning system, all minerals are removed from the water with the aid of a filter, so that no limescale residues remain on the glass surface. This makes such a system ideal for professional glass cleaning. In combination with a professional telescopic pole system such as UNGER nLite®, pure water is the most effective method to clean safely at height.

What are the advantages of pure water purification?

Since the water is pure, i.e. without minerals, it has an outstanding cleaning power. Due to its physical properties, it absorbs dirt from the surface. It provides streak-free results without the addition of chemicals or detergent. This process saves time, effort and money. When used with a waterfed pole system such as UNGER nLite®, pure water is a safe and effective method of cleaning, especially at great heights.

How does osmosis clean windows?

Discover the pure water cleaning system HydroPower from UNGER. The most efficient and effective solution for glass and building cleaners.

Filter methods for pure water cleaning

There are two recognized methods for producing pure water for glass cleaning: reverse osmosis (RO) and deionization (DI).

What are the areas of application for pure water purification?

Glass and facade cleaning

In professional glass cleaning, cleaning with demineralised water reduces the working time. With the help of a pure water cleaning system [internal link pure water cleaning system], a larger area can be cleaned in less time, since no squeegee or polishing of the glass surfaces is necessary. Pure water has a high cleaning power and dries without residues or streaks.

Photovoltaic system cleaning

A significant increase in workload can be achieved by cleaning with pure water. The cleaning is residue- and streak-free as well as environmentally friendly, since no chemicals are used.

What is a pure water cleaning system?

Glass cleaning in its simplest form - Clean surfaces with the UNGER pure water cleaning system. Without the use of chemicals, dirt is removed quickly and over a large area and leaves a residue-free and streak-free surface without the need for a squeegee and polishing cloth. Find out more about the system for cleaning with pure water here.

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