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Professional Cleaning

Unger Professional Cleaning

Since 50 years Unger is the market and competence leader for professional, high- quality window cleaning solutions. Unger drives the market for innovation-regarding traditional handheld tools and innovative pure water technology alike.

  • Unger Professional Window Cleaning

    Window Cleaning

    All Unger products are designed to meet the demands of the Professional Window Cleaning Industry. Innovation and ergonomics are always at the [...]

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  • Unger Professional Pure Water Cleaning

    Pure Water Cleaning System

    Everything you need for safe and efficient cleaning of the glass, building facades, solar panels, vehicles and signage at height.[...]

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  • Clean Magazine

    clean Magazine

    clean informed about industry news, developments and application tips.

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Cleaning at Home

Unger Private Cleaning

Professional quality cleaning tools for the consumer. Unger takes the superior quality of ist professional tools to the home. The consumer product line offers unparalleled intelligent solutions, ergonomics and increased durability as has been appreciated by professionals since 50 years under toughworking conditions. Unique system technology by telescopic pole system for fast and safe use of tools.

Enter Private Cleaning

  • Unger Consumer Windowcleaning

    Window Cleaning

    Glass cleaning a cut above the rest! High quality microfiber material, high working comfort as well as robust and stable tools in a wide selection.

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  • Unger Consumer Telescopic Poles

    Telescopic Poles

    The unique telescopic pole system. Universal, applicable, practical and turns one single tool into a complete cleaning system.

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  • Unger Consumer Dusting


    Professional dusting. Innovative materials for best results. Ultra-fine microfibre or natural lambswool for optimal dirt absorption and long durability.

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