Challenge: Slat cleaning

> Cleaning exterior blinds

> Advantages with pure water

> Working from the ground with water fed pole systems

> The right water fed brush gets the right result

The cleaning of slats on external facades is a real challenge: Heavy soiling, difficult accessibility, annoying ropes and different adjustment angles. An enormous amount of time for professional glass and building cleaners! How can you still provide your customers with safe and thorough cleaning? With pure water.

Slats are usually cleaned far too seldom and are often very dirty. Professionals must therefore be particularly thorough. But that is not so easy!
The problem: When the blinds are closed, all the slats lie on top of each other and overlap in such a way that the centimetres at the back can not be reached. When cleaning by hand, the work takes an extremely long time. In addition, the blinds are often on high windows, which always makes them difficult to reach. Working platforms or similar lifting equipment must be brought in.
The result: high costs for the customers and a great effort on the part of the glass and building cleaner. 

Cleaning slats with pure water

Pure water systems usually pay off when cleaning slats combined with water fed pole systems and corresponding brushes.
The great advantage of working with the pure water system is the safety of standing on the ground and the good accessibility of the slats up to a height of three storeys. The demineralised water dissolves the dirt and allows it to drain away - without damaging the aluminium slats. Drying or polishing afterwards become completely unnecessary in normal soiling conditions. Without allowing the thoroughness to suffer.

The right brush gets the right result

In addition to pure water, the secret lies in having the right brush. Or to be more specific, the right bristles. The nLite brushes from UNGER have long nylon outer bristles. The advantage is: They allow a certain flexibility on the surface. When the blinds are almost closed, the outer bristles are able to reach the back end of the slats and clean the entire surface of them. The short inner bristles, however, support the cleaning with a particularly high scrubbing strength.
If the slats are particularly dirty, special natural brushes help you further with extra long bristles and water distribution by means of several nozzles. This facilitates the work very much and makes it easy to perform - the slat cleaning pays off again.



What experiences have you had when cleaning exterior blinds? Do you have any tips for your colleagues? Or questions about pure water? Write to us in the comment field, via Facebook or to

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