Water wells - hidden yet effective

> Clean more glass surfaces

> Water wells in the holder

> Less bending over

> Work faster

If you clean window surfaces in the traditional way, you know only too well. You generally need lots of water and you have to keep bending down to your bucket. How can you work more smoothly and efficiently? By using tools that help you deliver more water to the surface!

If you’re looking at classic cleaning of large glass areas, such as display windows, you need a good amount of water for washing. The same is true when you have to clean a number of areas in succession. The constant bending down to the bucket of water is strenuous and places strain on your body. Choosing the right holder, combined with a strong micro-fibre sleeve can help.

The stamina is in the wells

The StripWasher ErgoTec T-Bar and the StripWasher UniTec T-Bar have a major advantage: They are equipped with water wells in a wave-shaped design. These run across the whole area of the washer, and save extra water in their interior. Once absorbed, the water is retained for longer, and gradually released to the sleeve.
In practical terms: the holder with its water wells is often a perfect combination with a sleeve. The StripWasher Microstrip Pac, for example, combines the bonus of the water chambers with a micro-fibre sleeve, which can also absorb a large amount of water. Naturally, you can also combine a holder and a washing sleeve quite simply in any you wish.
This means you can clean endless glass surfaces without any great effort, and you don’t have to bend down to your bucket so often. That saves a lot of time.

Huge window fronts or display windows that are metres high – do you have any tips how to make cleaning easier? Which buildings have you already conquered successfully, and what tools do you swear by? Do you have a favourite holder/sleeve combo? Leave a comment or some photos! Write to us via Facebook or by email to clean@clean-magazine.com. We look forward learning from your know-how.

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