Trend: “Cleaning on demand“ in the food service sector

> Cleaning on demand

> In-between cleaning

> On demand systems

> Cleaning tools can be used directly

Receive services or goods directly on demand - real time accessibility is playing an increasingly important role in our fast moving society. It is no wonder that on demand systems are also sought after in cleaning. Especially in the food service sector. Customers expect cleaning staff to react immediately and flexibly to any soiling. The innovative UNGER cleaning tools make this possible.

There are numerous on demand tasks related to cleaning in the food service sector: Spilled drinks, food leftovers falling on the floor, fingerprints on glass doors, dirty mirrors, dirty foot prints. If this soiling is not eliminated immediately, customers will quickly question the professional image of the food service establishment. The staff should therefore react immediately, almost on demand, but without disturbing the guests. Bulky double bucket trolleys, sprays or unpleasant odours are to be avoided.
How is this possible? With direct solutions for floor and glass surfaces, which not only guarantee a perfect standard of hygiene, but are also intuitive to use and require no preparation time.

Fast and thorough: Effective floor cleaning without buckets or trolleys

The erGO! clean floor cleaning system is used intuitively. This makes it fast and easy to keep floors clean. Special advantage: The system is ready to use anytime, anywhere without preparation. A separate bucket is not needed, therefore eliminating time consuming preparation. As a result, the cleaning efficiency is very high and acute soiling can be corrected immediately.


Streak free clean glass surfaces in just one step

Cleaning glass and window surfaces in the interim, should above all be done quickly, however it should still have perfect results. This is no problem with the Stingray interior cleaning system. As no preparation is necessary for the work, you can start right at the push of a button. While the glass surface has to be sprayed, washed, wiped and, if necessary, re-polished during manual cleaning, this can be achieved with the internal cleaning system in just one process. In this way, glass surfaces can be cleaned quickly in-between without much effort. Even hard to reach places above tables, chairs and other objects can be quickly and easily cleaned. Ladders are no longer needed which is a huge safety bonus.

The intelligent spraying mechanism of the UNGER Stingray ensures better hygiene and absolute safety. It is embedded and shielded in such a way that it protects users and customers from inhaling the spray mist and prevents any cleaning liquid from reaching the food.

Benefit now from the advantages of UNGER cleaning tools and ensure a professional appearance and satisfied customers who feel well and safe thanks to perfect "On demand cleaning".


Benefit now from the advantages of UNGER cleaning tools and ensure a professional appearance and satisfied customers who feel well and safe thanks to perfect "On demand cleaning".

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