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The UNGER HydroPower Ultra is setting a new standard in deionising filter technology for pure water cleaning. A definite value-add for every professional glass and building cleaner.

  • Over 30% more pure water per resin filling
  • Every Ultra resin pack contains a pre-portioned amount of UNGER premium ion-exchange resin 
  • With a new formula, perfected for glass cleaning
  • The FloWater technology 2.0 in every Ultra resin pack ensures and efficient flow of water through the whole tank which optimises the resin saturation
  • Integrated digital measuring device displays the water hardness of the pure water coming out
  • Intuitive colour coded system
  • KeyLock function eliminates risk of operating errors
  • Stable quick-fit metal hose connector
  • Practical shut-off valve prevents leakage during transport
  • Pre-installed, dynamic control guarantees optimum water flow at all times
  • Base: 30 × 31 cm, Height: 77 cm, Ultra Resin Packs: 3 (18 l)


  • DIUH3 HydroPower Ultra Filter LC
  • CF86G nLITE Carbon 24K 8,60 m
  • NGS30 nLITE Angle adapter kit M, 42 cm
  • NFK28 nLITE Power Brush, spliced, 28 cm
  • DLS25 DuroFlex hose, 25 m
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More Information

The HydroPower Ultra LC - Advanced Set Carbon 24K 8.6m makes pure water window cleaning even more effective

The UNGER HydroPower Ultra LC is one step ahead of other pure water cleaning systems. This five-part set contains all the components that professional window and commercial cleaners need: a pure water filter, a telescopic pole and accessories for professional pure water window cleaning up to the 2nd floor.

The nLITE Carbon 24K pole is the first choice when cleaning professionals have to clean buildings or windows at medium heights. Anyone who is already familiar with the UNGER pure water system will then reach the next level of pure water window cleaning.

HydroPower Ultra Filter LC with a cart: this is what modern cleaning looks like

The UNGER HydroPower Ultra Filter LC is the heart of the set and generates pure water using the deionization method. Thanks to the FloWater technology, the filter produces particularly uniform pure water. The premium ion exchange resin can also be easily replaced – just like a filter in a coffee machine. A digital TDS meter indicates when a change is necessary. The guideline value of more than 10 PPM serves as an indicator that the resin must be replaced.

The stable, rust-free hose quick connector is particularly practical for transport, as it prevents leaks during transport. Especially practical: the pure water filter can be transported and moved easily and effortlessly using the cart.

nLITE Carbon 24k 8.60 m: with water-fed poles to unimagined heights

In terms of handling, the UNGER nLITE system is ahead of all the rest. Thanks to PrecisionGrip, the water-fed poles with internal hose routing adapt perfectly to the palm of the hand and therefore support the cleaning movement. The Advanced set contains an 8.60 m Carbon 24k nLITE water-fed telescopic pole. The poles are ideal for pure water window cleaning at medium heights. And if you need to go even higher: with the extension adapter, the main pole can be connected to extension poles. This means that heights of up to 16 m can be reached, which corresponds to a height of 4 floors. The particularly dense material made of premium carbon fibre, in which 24,000 fibres are woven per bundle, can withstand loads of up to 210 GPa.

nLITE Angle adapter Set M: Hard-to-reach glass surfaces suddenly within reach

The Advanced set also includes the nLITE Angle adapter set M so that pure water can get into tight spots. This is a modular system that enables the right angle for every application. Thanks to the 45 degree steps and a length of 42 cm, the adapter set M offers the greatest possible flexibility for the user. We recommend it for all standard applications.

nLITE Power brush with split bristles: cleaning performance that impresses

Every cleaning professional knows: the result depends on the right brush. This is why our cleaning system also includes the nLITE Power Brush for pure water cleaning. Two types of bristles ensure intensive cleaning with pleasant gliding properties at the same time. The water-fed brush can be connected to the gooseneck with a single movement. The SwivelLock, which can be freely swivelled by 180 degrees, increases the working area of the fully attached brush. Work can be done comfortably from an elevated platform or basket. Soft touch bumpers at the ends of the brush cushion the impact of the nLITE brush and make it sound and material-friendly. The nLITE brush brings the right amount of pure water exactly where it is needed for powerful cleaning – more effective than ever before! Choose between the Rinse Bar, which is attached above the brush, or the centrally integrated nozzle block.

DuroFlex hose: Right in the middle instead of just there

The set with everything you need for the HydroPower Ultra LC is completed by the DuroFlex hose, which is located inside the telescopic poles. The hose reliably transports the pure water from the pure water filter to lofty heights. It can be connected in a user-friendly way by means of quick connectors at both ends. In total, it spans a distance of 25 m.

Anyone looking for an upgrade to the HydroPower Ultra - Beginner Set Carbon Composite 6m will find a high-quality tool in the UNGER HydroPower Ultra LC - Advanced Set Carbon 24K 8.6m. The mobility, the special efficiency and a cleaning result that speaks for itself are to be highlighted. In short: This pure water system from UNGER is a must for every window and commercial cleaner!

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Pure Water Filter

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Telescopic poles

nLITE Carbon 24K, 8,60m

nLite Connect Alu Master pole, 6m

nLITE CarbonComposite, 6m

nLITE Carbon 24K, 8,60m

nLITE Carbon 24K, 8,60m + Extension pole, 3,20m

Angle adapter

nLITE Angle adapter kit M


nLITE Angle adapter kit S

nLITE Angle adapter kit M

nLITE Angle adapter kit M

Waterfed Brushes

nLITE Power Brush, complete, 28 cm

nLite Radius Brush 27 cm

nLITE Power Brush, simple, 28 cm

nLITE Power Brush, complete, 28 cm

nLITE Power Brush, complete, 42 cm


DuroFlex 25m, Ø 5/8mm

20m, Ø 5/8mm

DuroFlex 25m, Ø 5/8mm

DuroFlex 25m, Ø 5/8mm

DuroFlex 25m, Ø 7/10mm

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