Leading the way for 60 years

What drives Unger: Improving the world of commercial cleaners

When Henry Unger founded the company 60 years ago in 1964, he had a clear goal in mind: to improve noticeably the lives of people who work as commercial cleaners. In other words, the lives of countless people who do an honest day’s work, day in, day out.

The UNGER Story

Global Player

Made In Germany! Popular around the world!

The number of companies that can claim to offer “Made in Germany” quality is steadily decreasing. But UNGER is one of them. We design, produce and assemble the majority of our products exclusively at our Solingen site.

Highest production quality without ifs and buts

From the initial product idea to the final product shipment, everything at UNGER is guided by the principle: only the best is good enough for the market and our customers. That is why our research and development department is also at home at UNGER headquarters, to which we owe our high reputation as an innovation driver and technology leader.

Everything under control when it comes to quality


Our values

Human interaction, customer proximity, transparency and fairness

As a company, UNGER and its employees are shaped and guided by a common set of values that focus on human interaction, customer proximity, transparency and fairness as well as a sense of social responsibility. Because we know that appreciation is the best way to achieve our goals and value-based success.

Our values, our vision, our mission

Respect and the “we” feeling

High standards meet flat hierarchies

At UNGER, our ambitions and the quality we expect of our products and services are as high as our hierarchical structures are flat. Of course, the company has bosses, but our leaders are characterised by the fact that they see themselves as workers and an integral part of the team.

This open, relaxed way of dealing with people and exchanging ideas during our day-to-day work promotes a smooth workflow as well as mutual respect among all UNGER colleagues. The palpable “we” feeling is essential for our work ethos and our shared hunger for success. If you visit us, you will experience and feel this team spirit at first hand.

Customer proximity is in our DNA

What is the best way to manufacture perfect products? From the customer’s point of view

Our customers are the focus of everything we do. These aren’t just words to us, we live them: And what’s more, we do it passionately. Customer satisfaction was, is and will remain the highest priority at Unger, and is truly one of our strengths. The corporate DNA that unites all our employees.

The perfect product through customer proximity