76% more area coverage in floor cleaning with the UNGER erGO! clean

Solingen | 13.03.2018

Achieve perfect, clean results in the shortest time possible - cleaners are increasingly exposed to pressure. This is usually not possible without physical strain, especially in floor cleaning. The solution: With the innovative UNGER erGO! clean floor cleaning system, users clean faster, more ergonomically and more efficiently than ever before. This is proven by the independent expert opinion of the consulting and training company Sarikohn*.

Owner and expert Torsten Kohn: "The erGO! clean floor cleaning system is especially suitable for professional use in modern building cleaning due to its stable design and yet lightweight construction." With the erGO! clean floor cleaning system, UNGER has developed a product that offers a significant time advantage over systems with double or single mobile buckets. Due to the perfect combination of quick implementation and ergonomic features, decision makers benefit from increased efficiency in performance. This has been confirmed by the expert opinion of Sarikohn.

More productivity, increased efficiency

In contrast to conventional floor cleaning systems, the UNGER erGO! clean is ready for use at any time. The system offers clear advantages for spot cleaning. Therefore, users become significantly faster, more productive and more efficient. The daily area coverage is increased by up to 76 percent. According to the expert opinion, this leaves approximately 34.5 minutes more time during an eight hour working day for quality enhancing measures.

Ergonomic design reduces physical strain

The expert opinion also highlights the ergonomic advantages and the intuitive handling of the erGO! clean system. Cleaning workers are exposed to physical strain at work. In particular, constant bending, kneeling and lifting are associated with floor cleaning. That is the reason why UNGER has developed the erGO! clean systems with an ergonomic design. The rotatable S-telescopic handle significantly reduces the strain on the wrists. A light, intuitive body movement is sufficient to perform the S movement required for effective cleaning. The S-telescopic handle is also particularly back friendly. Due to its adjustable length of 130 to 170 centimetres, it can be adapted to the individual body size of the user. Working in a stooped position is therefore avoided.

Simple floor coating in a single process

In addition to the products for floor cleaning, UNGER also offers the erGO! wax system for floor coating. A task that normally requires at least two skilled workers can be performed independently by a single user with the help of erGO! wax. Special advantage: The interruption of the coating process, switching off the device, further dispersion and the resumption of work are completely eliminated. With the erGO! wax floor coating system, even complicated room geometries can be coated in a single process.

*Sarikohn 2017: Expert opinion "Unger erGO! clean"

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