Indoor Cleaning System

Indoor Cleaning System

Cleaning products for glass interior cleaning

UNGER cleaning systems and tools help to remove soiling from interior glass surfaces. The cleaning products for glass interior cleaning promotes the efficiency of every glass and building cleaner.

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Professional cleaning equipment for interior cleaning

Efficiency and safety are of the utmost importance for professional cleaners when cleaning the interior of windows. Working with conventional tools is extremely time-consuming, as often office furniture or other items have to be moved aside first. Even high windows are difficult to clean, usually only with the risky use of ladders. With the award-winning Stingray, UNGER offers the most efficient solution ever for perfect cleaning results.

UNGER glass interior cleaning system

The powerful UNGER Stingray Intensive Cleaning TriPad helps with soiling on interior glass surfaces, such as dust from heating or air conditioning systems. We have developed the pad especially for use on UNGER Stingray. With this innovative cleaning tool, glass and building cleaners work 25 percent faster than with spray bottles and cloths. In addition, the product saves 39 percent on cleaning detergents.